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Who we work with

SaaS, Manufacturing & Construction and Deep Tech Industries

We provide VCFO expertise to SaaS, Manufacturing & Construction and Deep Tech industries who require tailored financial services and support.


Are you always stressed about your runway?

Do you know your SaaS metrics? 

We live and breathe this fast-paced, ever-evolving industry. We are constantly looking to the future of this industry in order to understand what potential investors might require from you to earn their support in your next round of investment.

SaaS clients we work with

Manufacturing & Construction

Is inventory and WIP management giving you headaches?

We have decades of experience in the construction and manufacturing industry. Our in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing and construction process allows us to offer valuable insights across key areas such as stock control and productivity.

Manufacturing & Construction clients we work with

Deep Tech

Are you struggling with the commercial side of your business?   

We understand that deep tech businesses are often looking for practical commercial business advice and services tailored to their industry.

Deep Tech and other industries clients we work with

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