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At CFO 4U we provide expertise for start-ups and high growth SMEs who are prioritising financial transparency.

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A little bit about us

As financial experts and advisors, you might expect us to say that cash is king... but at CFO 4U we believe that communication is king. 

We understand (all too well) the frustration of founders and owners who didn’t start their business with the intent to work as accountants, but have ended up existing in this space to keep up with the requirements of their board and investors.

We have seen so many business founders and directors spend hours of their precious time on spreadsheets and reports even though they know that time would be better served in other areas of their business.

So to put it simply, we exist to make life easier, yes for our clients, but also for our employees.

CFO 4U recognises that a lot of women have had to compromise or completely quit their financial careers for many different (and unnecessary) reasons, and we want to see that change. 

Our goal is to create an inclusive environment that accommodates a range of different working styles while still providing the highest quality CFO services to our clients.

What they are saying

"Julian is amazing! I couldn't recommend him more highly for any early stage SaaS/technology business. He has built us a forecast that is flexible and gives a great idea of the where the business is at and what's coming, without being overly complex. He also produces monthly board reports that has given the board much great understanding and visibility. Definitely get in touch with Julian and CFO 4 U if you need some help with your financial reporting."

Meet the Directors

Julian So, Founder and CEO

After wrapping up a long career as a chartered accountant and a successful exit with a company that he was an executive director and shareholder of, Julian began to explore angel investment. This led him to his newfound passion for working with high growth startups. Bringing over twenty years of commercial experience to the work he does today Julian specialises in providing VCFO services for SaaS and deep-tech start-ups. 

His unique insight into the challenges of high growth companies helps him provide truly bespoke advice and services to these fast-paced and high stakes industries. His ongoing involvement in the investment world gives him real-time experience and insight into the minds of potential startup investors.

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"I've learned over many years that if you look hard and listen closely, both your numbers and your people will tell you invaluable information about how to move the organisation forward."

Fatima Llaguno, Co-Founder and COO

Long before starting her professional life, Fatimas early experiences watching the inner workings of her family's business gave her a passion for what would later become a career in finance.

After graduating with BA in marketing and business administration Fatima quickly moved into an administration role that would see her overseeing a full spectrum of responsibilities including managing the business import and export functions. 

When a position became available at the transglobal enterprise Siemens, Fatima embraced the experiences and opportunities which came along with it. She quickly transitioned from the accounts payable up the ranks of management. These progressions allowed her the opportunity to eventually transfer to Siemens Headquarters in Germany and then on to Los Angeles to assume a Plant Controller position. 

After bringing her ten-year career at Siemens to a close and making a lifestyle move to New Zealand in 2018 Fatima was recruited by L3Harris Airline Academy as their Financial Controller.

Throughout her career journey, Fatima has tenaciously and intentionally pursued the creation of more unity, transparency and inclusivity within an organisation. With an eye for the big picture, straightforward communication and a collaborative leadership style, she brings a large amount of experience that can be easily adapted and implemented across a diverse range of industries. Fatima specialises in providing VCFO services for SaaS and Manufacturing companies.

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Certified Partners

CFO 4 U Ltd. Xero advisor certified. Spotlight reporting certified. Certified partners. Expertise for start ups and high growth SMEs.

What they are saying

“Julian and Fatima have proven to be very valuable additions to the Onfarm team. They are very focused and have provided us with the financial forecasting we need to scale. I would happily recommend this service to any business.”

It's simple, we're here to help you:

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  • Do spreadsheets do your head in?

  • Is inconsistent financial information frustrating your stakeholders?

  • Do you find the numbers confusing?
  • Does your investor tell you they want better visibility with your finances

  • Does it feel like you are having a good month but the profit and margin in your reports don’t match your intuition?

We provide customised services that meet your business where it’s at and help you take the next step in growth and development.

Industries we specialise in:


Are you always stressed about your runway?
Do you know your SaaS metrics? 

We live and breathe this fast-paced, ever-evolving industry.

Manufacturing & Construction

Is inventory and WIP management giving you headaches?

We have decades of experience in the construction and manufacturing industry. Read more...

Deep Tech

Are you struggling with the commercial side of your business?

We understand that deep tech businesses are often looking for practical, commercial business advice and services tailored to their industry. Read more...

What they are saying

“Julian and the team at CFO 4 U have been an absolute delight to work with. They have gone above and beyond to really get a good understanding of our business and our ends. They have actually made finance enjoyable which I wasn't sure was possible! Highly recommend.”

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