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Raising Capital for a Changing Environment

Webinar ( This event has passed )

After 2 years of record-breaking investment levels in NZ and globally, the market condition is beginning to change. This brings both challenges and opportunities, and almost certainly imposes the need for founders and business leaders to do things differently. 

To assist start-ups with their capital raise in this changing environment, we are running a webinar where our investor speakers will share their insights about what this "new normal" environment means for start-up founders, how to best prepare for raising capital, and key things they are looking for when making investments. We are delighted to have 3 fantastic speakers, from Angels to VCs joining us for the webinar.

Julian So, founder and director of CFO 4 U Limited. New Zealand

Rudi Bublitz

Rudi was the co-founder of a European SAP consulting practice, sold in 1999. In NZ since 2000, started angel investing in 2010, and co-founded Flying Kiwi Angels in 2014. Personally invested in some 50 startups, recent exit Moxion where he was chair. He is a strong believer in teamwork and diversity for both angels and founders.

Julian So, founder and director of CFO 4 U Limited. New Zealand

Cassie McAdams

Cassie joined Movac in 2020 on the launch of Fund 5. Her previous role was Investment Manager at New Zealand Trade & Enterprise where she worked with start-ups to prepare for capital raising.

Julian So, founder and director of CFO 4 U Limited. New Zealand

Rob Vickery

Rob is the founder and Managing director of Hillfarrance Venture Capital. An entrepreneur turned VC, Rob’s career started in the British financial sector and then transitioned to California, where he founded his first venture capital firm in 2012. He raised three funds and made over forty investments into seed-stage startups across the US, Latin America and Israel. He has achieved multiple exits and seed-funded his first Unicorn.


Thu 7th Jul 2022


1:00 pm - 1:50 pm NZST

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