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Relevant updates on CFO 4 U and the investment market for start-ups and high growth SMEs from Julian.

July 2023 Newsletter

Alexandra Harris, startup investments, Callaghan Trailblazer Full grant, best budgeting practices I just came back from a week off in Plantation Island, Fiji. Our last family overseas holiday was 3.5 years ago.

October 2023 Newsletter

Market update, key startup events, Bank Financing It's been a whirlwind couple of months in the startup world, and I've had the pleasure of diving into some exciting startup and investment events

March 2023 Newsletter

Team update, key startup events, non dilutive funding The past 2 months our focus had been on supporting our existing customers on their regular monthly reporting activities and own internal improvements.

May 2023 Newsletter

Investment update, key startup events, learnings from Southern SaaS Finding time to compile this newsletter has been a challenge, but I'm glad to finally share some updates with you.

January 2023 Newsletter

ChatGPT, global venture dollar volume, creating your power move Happy new year. I wish all of you have a great break and have the opportunity to relax and spend sometime with your family and friends.

November 2022 Newsletter

Xero Awards, Indigo Saga, Angel Summit In the past 2 months, we had been around the country attending various events. In late October, Fatima and I attended the Angel Association NZ annual summit. 

July 2022 Newsletter

Capital raising in changing environment webinar takeouts, financial modelling What a winter it had been. Like many others, our family had been fighting flu, cold and Covid on and off for the last 2 months.

May 2022 Newsletter

Investment activity predictions, building a successful co-founder relationship Can’t believe that May is already here, and the Easter holiday break is already a distant memory. Things continue to be busy here at CFO4U.

March 2022 Newsletter

Investment activity, webinar announcement, pitch deck, clients in news The past 2 months had been unusually busy for us at CFO4U. The beautiful summer break seemed to be a distance past.

December 2021 Newsletter

Employee announcement, grant funding, strategic planning What a crazy 2 months it has been!!! Despite the lockdown situation in Auckland and Waikato, we have not seen any slow-down in start-ups investment activities.

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