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Useful guides and documents

Resources for start-ups and high growth SMEs. Including SaaS start ups, key metrics, financial regimes, investor groups, pitching to investors, chart of accounts and highly recommended podcasts to listen to.

4 Common Mistakes we see in SaaS Start-ups

We worked with lots of SaaS companies to date and we often experienced the same mistakes founders made in their finance areas. 

SaaS Key Metrics

For SaaS business, knowing your SaaS metrics is critical so you can understand your business performance and also they are key factors when VCs and investors consider whether to invest or not. These are the common metrics that we came across where investors generally show a lot of interest in. 

List of Investor Group

List of active investor groups 

RD Tax Credit and Incentive Scheme

There are two different R&D tax regimes available in NZ: R&D Loss Tax Credit and RD Tax Incentives. The presentation provides how both regimes work. 

Chart of Accounts – SaaS

For newly incorporated SaaS companies that use Xero, you can use this template to ensure you have an appropriate Chart of Accounts structure to start off with. So you won’t need to waste days later on down the track to clean up data. 

By adopting this chart of accounts, it provides the information required in the future to calculate SaaS metrics easily later on.

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Deep Tech Chart Of Accounts

Ensure all the development expenses are appropriately classified for your Deeptech company in Xero, with this Chart of Accounts template.

Podcast - Angel Investors

An interesting episode about where the opportunities lie and how to get funded.

Podcast - VC

A great episode about the kind of founders and businesses that investors want to back.

Pitch Deck Template

Pitch Deck is the key document required for capital raising and we often get asked by founders that are raising for their first time what to be included in the pitch deck.

NZTE provides some guidance with pitching.

Pitch Deck Template - 2

The purpose of the pitch deck is to get the other party excited and want to know more. Most professional investors receive over hundreds and thousands of pitch decks annually. 

This reference came from Hillfarrance.

Key ingredients to a successful pitch

Enterprise Angels offer some great guidance on how to present your pitch when you have the opportunity to present to investors.  

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