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Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck 

Pitch Deck is the key document required for capital raising and we often get asked by founders that are raising for their first time what to be included in the pitch deck.

Useful Reference 

We came across some useful materials and reference that helps to provide some guidance.

Tips and Tricks 

The purpose of the pitch deck is to get the other party excited and want to know more. Most professional investors receive over hundreds and thousands of pitch decks annually. Research shows on average VCs spend 3 minutes 20 seconds to review a pitch deck. So it is critical that your pitch deck is clear and concise. 

Think of it a bit like a resume when you apply for a job. No recruiter would have the time to read through a 20-page resume where you detailed all your life and work history. Keep it short, brief, and visually appealing – not long and wordy.