Accelerate your SaaS business growth without the financial worries

We help post-raise SaaS startup focus on growing their business by ensuring the financial area keeps up

Day-to-day stress and uncertainty of finances can slow down startup growth

Are you always stressed about how much cash runway you have left?

You’ve overcome the hurdle of raising capital but now it’s only a matter of time until it runs out. You’re trying to concentrate on creating a successful SaaS offering but the length of the cash runway is always on your mind.

Traditional financial metrics not working for you?

It feels like everything is going great but you don’t have the data to back it up. Your accountant doesn’t really understand your business or the challenges you face as a start up, and their financial reporting doesn’t track the key SaaS metrics you need to measure your growth.

The board and your investors want answers?

You’re passionate about business but not a financial expert.

The board knows you’re 100% committed but are left feeling concerned about the cash runway and the startups financial performance.

Never have to worry about your startup’s finances again

Real-time countdown of cash runway

With accurate cashflow forecasting and month-by-month financial reporting you’ll know exactly what the length of your cash runway is. Plus, with ongoing monitoring and support, you’ll be notified before additional raises are needed and we’ll help you plan a preparation timeline.

Key SaaS metrics when you need them

With a bespoke financial model tailored for your business, you can easily track the key SaaS metrics you need to see if you’re on track and measure success. With a simple to understand dashboard, all the information you need is at your fingertips.

Comfort and certainty for your board and investors

Knowing someone with a finance background and knowledge is monitoring the company’s finance performance and cash burn will reduce the concerns and risks to the board and your investors. When the board feels more comfortable, you can spend more time growing the business and less time reassuring them everything is well.

Your trusted growth partner ensuring cashflow and capital requirements are met

Julian So, Founder and Director

As a chartered accountant with over 20 years of commercial experience, I specialise in providing contract and virtual CFO services for SaaS and deep tech start-ups and social enterprises.

Unlike other CFOs and accountants, I understand the unique challenges that start-up companies face with financial processes and reporting.

My commercial experience across various business disciplines also allows me to provide strategic advice and recommendations on broader operational challenges.

Whether you’re looking to partner with a CFO for financial services on an ongoing basis or you need a one-off finance project, CFO 4 U is your trusted growth finance partner.

Schedule a call now to find out how I can help reduce your financial stress as a startup.

Hadleigh Ford , Founder and CEO, Swipedon

"It's been great having Julian on the team as our CFO. Julian has a very good understanding around the key drivers of a fast growing SaaS company. Julian has helped us strengthen our financial discipline, enhance our board reporting and he provides valuable strategic input around our broader operations. I can't recommend Julian highly enough. The professionalism, drive and energy he brings into the business is welcome at any time."

Our Process

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We’ll identify your specific needs and requirements

We’ll tailor our services to your unique situation

We’ll work with you as your trusted growth finance partner