Get Laser Clarity on Your Financial Performance & Cashflow

We help high growth companies and post-raise startups monitor their financial performance, remove the day-to-day stress about finances, and provide increased comfort at the board level.

Day-to-day stress and uncertainty of finances can slow down startup growth

Reduce your financial stress

Make informed decisions

Accelerate growth and profitability

Are you sick of worrying about your business’s finances?

Inconsistent financial information makes growing your business difficult and frustrates stakeholders

The numbers are confusing

It feels like it was a good month but the profit and margin in your financial reports don’t match your intuition.

Spreadsheets do your head in

Whether it’s inventory management, job costing or key SaaS metrics - keeping track of (and understanding) all of the data can be a complicated process for high growth companies.

Cash is king - but how much do you have left?

Though you have financial reporting in place, there’s still uncertainty and worry about cashflow and capital. Especially at the board level.

Reduce your financial stress and provide comfort for you and your board

Bespoke financial services and support tailored for your business

With the correct financial reporting processes in place, the numbers will start matching your intuition.

Leadership never worries about running out of cash

With accurate month-by-month financial reporting you’ll know how much cash you have left, and how long it will last so you have time to prepare.

Simple to understand dashboards and reports

Access all the information you need, when you need it, to make informed decisions.

Julian So, Founder and Director

As a chartered accountant with over 20 years of commercial experience, I specialise in providing contract and virtual CFO services for high growth SMEs, SaaS start-ups and social enterprises.

Unlike other CFOs and accountants, I understand the unique challenges that high growth SMEs and start-up companies face with financial processes and reporting.

My commercial experience across various business disciplines also allows me to provide strategic advice and recommendations on broader operational challenges.

Whether you’re looking to partner with a CFO for financial services on an ongoing basis or you need a one-off finance project, CFO 4 U is your trusted growth finance partner.

Schedule a call now to find out how I can help reduce your financial stress as a startup.

Our Process

Schedule a call to discuss your business and current challenges

We’ll identify your specific needs and requirements

We’ll tailor our services to your unique situation

We’ll work with you as your trusted growth finance partner

Services we provide

Budget and Forecast Modelling

Monthly Reporting and Cashflow Planning

Board Advisory

Capital Raise Preparation

We understand the challenges that high growth businesses face

We’ve worked with many high growth businesses to monitor financial performance and cashflow, building bespoke financial models and dashboards to track key metrics… so they never have to worry about the finances again!

Hadleigh Ford , Founder and CEO, Swipedon

"It's been great having Julian on the team as our CFO. Julian has a very good understanding around the key drivers of a fast growing SaaS company. Julian has helped us strengthen our financial discipline, enhance our board reporting and he provides valuable strategic input around our broader operations. I can't recommend Julian highly enough. The professionalism, drive and energy he brings into the business is welcome at any time."

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