CFO Services for High Growth SMEs in Building, Construction, Manufacturing, and Technical Services

We help high growth SMEs with complex financials implement financial processes and reporting to produce consistent information.

Day-to-day stress and uncertainty of finances can slow down your growth

Do you have massive swings in profitability?

It feels like you had a profitable month but the numbers say otherwise. Your board of directors want month by month accuracy, they’re tired of swings and roundabouts - they want certainty.

Inventory and WIP management giving you a headache?

If you hold stock, manufacture or produce goods or manage construction contracts, the financial processing complexity increases. Inventory and work-in-progress need to be correctly reported to prevent yo-yo results from month to month. While spreadsheets are great, they can do your head in.

Inconsistent information making it hard to forecast cashflow?

Cashflow forecasting is okay, but it’s not great.

It’s hard to create a clear forecast since the numbers are always changing.

Monthly management reports that make sense and provide comfort to the board

Consistent information that matches your intuition

With the correct financial reporting processes in place for your business, you’ll notice the massive swings in profitability disappear, and the numbers start matching your intuition.

Reducing the stress of inventory management

With the right process, you’ll know the exact quantity and value of stock or good on hand and be able to make better decisions for cashflow availability.

Clear, long-term cashflow forecasts for peace of mind

Stop worrying everyday if there is enough cash to pay the bills this month. Accurate cashflow forecasts will let you know how much is left, how much you need, and when to talk to the bank.

Your trusted growth partner ensuring cashflow and capital requirements are met

Julian So, Founder and Director

As a chartered accountant with over 20 years of commercial experience, I specialise in providing contract and virtual CFO services for high growth SMEs.

Unlike other CFOs and accountants, I understand the unique challenges that high growth SMEs face with financial processes and reporting.

My commercial experience across various business disciplines also allows me to provide strategic advice and recommendations on broader operational challenges.

Whether you’re looking to partner with a CFO for financial services on an ongoing basis or you need a one-off finance project, CFO 4 U is your trusted growth finance partner.

Schedule a call now to find out how I can help reduce your financial stress as a startup.

Darryl French,

Chairman, Powerglide Elevators

""I have know Julian for quite a few years in his capacity as a CFO. Julian's personality makes him someone you want to work with, and without hesitation I would involve him in any of my companies should there be an opportunity. As far as his financial skills are concerned I would comment as follows :

He always sees the big picture, but focuses on the detail when required.

He constantly makes proactive recommendations

Very good grasp of all financial concepts

Excellent understanding of Startups and high growth companies."

Our Process

Schedule a call to discuss your business and current challenges

We’ll identify your specific needs and requirements

We’ll tailor our services to your unique situation

We’ll work with you as your trusted growth finance partner